Fuchu Furusato (Home Country) Nature Park

Cherry blossom and View points

Fuchu Furusato (Home Country) Nature Park

The Fuchu Furusato (Home Country) Nature Park is an attraction site where visitors can enjoy viewing cherry blossoms and a sweeping view of the Tateyama mountain range.

In the park, weeping cherry trees and Someiyoshino cherry trees have been planted on Sakurano-oka. You can enjoy cherry blossom viewing, walking along the trails. The best cherry-blossom viewing time is the middle of April. In the park, seasonal flowers can be enjoyed at various times throughout the year. In the early summer, you can enjoy in the acorus calamus garden.


333 Takauchi, Toyama City.
Toyama City Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department Agricultural Land and Forest Division
<< 10-min. drive from the Toyama West I.C. on Hokuriku National Expressway