Yaezuhama Bathing Beach

Cherry blossom and View points

Yaezuhama Bathing Beach

Popular beach for marine sports and outdoor activities

Yaezuhama Beach is located at the west of the Jinzu River, which runs through the center of Toyama City, and is close to the Yokatahama Kaihin Park. Yaezuhama Beach is close to Toyama blocks, which is easily to be able to go to the beach. There are many visitors coming to Thalasso where people can enjoy the sea sports and having a good time taking barbecue every year.


Northern Toyama City Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Address: Yokatanishiiwase Ishize Toyama
[Holiday]Bathing beach / from late August to early July
<< 20-min. by Toyama Chitetsu Bus bound for Yokata from JR Toyama Station and 10-min walking from Yokatamachi Bus Stop
<< 12-min. by free bus (Yokata / Kusajima Route) from Hasumachi Station of Toyama Light Rail and 10-min walking from Yokatamachi Bus Stop.