Owara Kaze no Bon

Fantastic dancing preserved in a windy town

Owara Kaze no Bon is a nationally known festival which has been held for about three hundred years. The festival is held from September 1st to 3rd in Yatsuo, which is a rustic town, nestled in the southern mountains of Toyama City. During the festival, as many as 200,000 sightseers visit the town. Yatsuo is the thriving home of Monmyo-ji Temple since the 17th century. In the historic surroundings of the town, the folkdance has been handed down for a long time and is accompanied by the melody of the "Ecchu Owarabushi." In Yatsuo, two types of dances are performed: one is the traditional dance called the "Kyu odori" and the other is a newer dance called the "Shin odori" which was introduced in 1929. In the newer dance, there are two varieties for men called "Otoko odori," which describes the traditional farming, and for women called "Onna odori," which introduced the elegant movements of Japanese classical dance. Combining high-pitched vocals, the shamisen, and melancholic sound of the kokyu, this folk dance keeps fascinating people. Festival period: Sep. 1 - 3


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