Yatsuo Hikiyama Festival


Yatsuo Hikiyama Festival

A festival in which floats decorated with fine craft arts are pulled around the historic streets

Located in the south of Toyama City, Yatsuo Town thrived on silkworm-raising which brought wealth to the town. This festival is a traditional event held since the 18th century in Yatsuo Region. Six communities in the town have floats featuring sophisticated traditional arts and craftsmanship including dolls, woodcarvings, metal works, Japanese lacquer and gold leaves. Young men dressed in Happi coats pull the floats around the town accompanied by shamisen, flutes, and drums. In turning the corner, dragged wheels make rumbling sounds and floats quakes, making creaking sounds, which makes the turning of each corner more thrilling. At night, the woodcarvings are removed and hundreds of paper lanterns are hung instead. The illuminated floats are slowly pulled around the town. Three floats of the six are usually on display at the Ecchu Yatsuo Tourism Hall (Hikiyama Exhibition Hall).
Festival date: May 3


Yatsuo, Toyama City
Ecchu Yatsuo Tourism Association
<< 12min. from JR Ecchu Yatsuo Station